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General Notes and Troubleshooting

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How to Purchase this Software

You can download this software for $5.00 at:

Or, purchase this software with all other software by for $14.95 at: accepts all credit card payments through PayPal, and is a verified PayPal Business Partner.

All checks or money orders should be sent to the following address:
PO Box 31
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Copyright Information

The "Learn A Language" English-Spanish Speaking Bible has been placed under copyright © 2001-2004 by, and is protected by United States and International Copyright Laws. All Rights Reserved. Each copy you possess is licensed to you in accordance with our Licensing Agreement, and only if you have made payment for the software.


General Notes and Troubleshooting
Notes for First Time Users!

You must have the appropriate Microsoft Speech Components installed on your machine to use the "Learn A Language" English-Spanish Talking Bible.

The Microsoft Corporation has signed a License Distribution Agreement with to distribute these components.

By downloading and installing these components, you are indicating that you agree with the License Distribution Agreement, Acceptance and Disclaimer of Warranty, and Limitation of Liability, as referenced on our Microsoft Agent Speech Components page.

If you do not agree with our License Distribution Agreement, Acceptance and Disclaimer of Warranty, and Limitation of Liability, then you are not authorized to download or install these components.

Download MS Agent Components

Language Component Description Download
All Languages MS Agent Core Component MSagent.exe
392 KB
SAPI 4.0a Runtime Binaries spchapi.exe
825 KB
MS Agent Character "Peedy" Peedy.exe
3,325 KB
MS Agent Character "Merlin" Merlin.exe
1,830 KB
MS Agent Character "Robby" Robby.exe
2,175 KB
American English American English Text to Speech Engine tv_enua.exe
998 KB
Dutch Dutch Text to Speech Engine lhttsdun.exe
2,649 KB
Dutch Additional Core Component AgtX0413.exe
129 KB
French French Text to Speech Engine lhttsfrf.exe
2,300 KB
French Additional Core Component AgtX040C.exe
129 KB
German German Text to Speech Engine lhttsged.exe
2,243 KB
German Additional Core Component AgtX0407.exe
129 KB
Italian Italian Text to Speech Engine lhttsiti.exe
2,024 KB
Italian Additional Core Component AgtX0410.exe
129 KB
Portuguese (Brazil) Portuguese (Brazil) Text to Speech Engine lhttsptb.exe
2,456 KB
Portuguese (Brazil) Additional Core Component AgtX0416.exe
129 KB
Spanish Spanish Text to Speech Engine lhttsspe.exe
2,422 KB
Spanish MS Additional Component AgtX0C0A.exe
129 KB
Automatic Download of Speech Components
  • If you have not installed these components, the "Learn A Language" English-Spanish Speaking Bible software will attempt to load the Microsoft Agent Voice components from Microsoft onto your computer via the Internet.
  • You must be "online" with a connection to the Internet to allow the software to automatically download these files.
  • You may have to press the "refresh" button on your browser more than once to get this automatic download to work.
  • You will get a confirmation and licensing message from Microsoft about loading the Voice Components. Click "yes", and allow time for the download to occur.

Netscape Users

Netscape or any browser other than Microsoft Internet Explorer will not work with this technology.

Minimum Requirements:
  1. Windows 95, Windows 98, or Windows NT 4.0 (x86)
  2. Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later (Netscape will not work.)
  3. A Pentium 100 MHz PC (or faster)
  4. At least 16 MB of RAM
  5. At least 661K free disk space for the Microsoft Agent components, 3.1 MB for Peedy and an additional 1.34 MB for the L&H TruVoice Text-To-Speech engine
  6. A Windows-compatible sound card
  7. A compatible set of speakers and microphone (recommended)

If your computer meets only the minimum of the above requirements, then the Voice Components will perform at their minimum, as well.

If "Peedy the Parrot" speaks very slowly, it could be the speed of your machine, or that your TruVoice component is not installed.

Advanced Character Options

To change the speaking speed, or balloon font for "Peedy" the speaking parrot, right-click on the parrot character, and select Advanced Character Options.

Software Support

Please intend on purchasing this software before you ask for support.

Software support for the MS Agent technology is the responsibility of Microsoft.

Software support for this product, which uses MS Agent, is available at:



Questions and Support

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